About Us:

The ZenContract Story

For the last 15 years we have been in the IT Reseller and MSP industry, running a reseller and MSPO.  We have supplied contracts, proposals and services to hundreds of clients.

We have seen Word and PDF proposals flying across the country and contracts being negotiated back and forth.  Each time being edited, printed, marked up, signed, initialled, scanned, PDF’ed, emailed back and forth.  All versions stored in our emails, never knowing which mark-up is current, and quite simply mistakes are made, hours consumed and final outputs not stored correctly.  All the while this process is taking place, there’s no consistency of template, branding, pricing and business process to drive better MSP outcomes.

Surely there had to be a better way.

The team at ZenContract looked to take this business problem and supply the ever competitive international IT MSP market with a competitive advantage.  Driving efficiencies, consistency and centralisation for all proposals and contracts, with the easy ability to synchronise with your PSA (Autotask).

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